Langue De Velours / A gentle tongue [1976 / DVDRip]

Langue De Velours / A gentle tongue [1976 / DVDRip]
Description: Director of a “Life Show”, Mark desperately search for an actress that would look “as true as possible”. One night he surprises the sex encounter of a nanny and a delivery man and remains fascinated. He makes of her a super-sex-star. Indifferent to her success, she cannot resist her sex pulsions and her attractions to men “of the street”… and every night after the show, she flees in the lower districts offering herself to all men. Emmanuelle Pareze is fascinating in this sour film which attracted a record number of spectators on the day of its release on May 19, 1976 in the Alpha France movie theaters.

Production year: 1976
Country: France
Genre: Feature, Oral Sex, All Sex, Anal Sex, DP
Language: French
Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MKV
Studio: Alpha France

Producer: Jean-Claude Roy
Actresses: Claude Janna, Christine Chanoine, Emmanuelle Pareze, Marie-Christine Chireix, Michel D’Anterac
Actors: Bob Asklof, Daniel Berton, Jean-Gerard Sorlin, J. Louis Tristan, Robert Darmel

Langue De Velours / A gentle tongue [1976 / DVDRip]

Langue De Velours[1976]

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