Debbie Does Dallas 5 (1988 / VHSRip)

Debbie Does Dallas 5 (1988 / VHSRip)
Description: As a quality-looking video shoot, Debbie Does Dallas V does have its moments.
Magnificently sculptured Tammy Reynolds as Debbie is faced with the horrifying prospect of the football team moving bag and baggage to New Orleans (I guess the Saints are willing to look the other way). So, she comes up with Plan A with her cheerleaders using their sexual wiles to compromise the team’s board of directors. Nice try. No cigar. Board members Ron Jeremy, Don Fernando and company are onto their scheme which resorts to Plan B – blackmail. Works every time.
The video has a nice outdoorsy freshness to it with nice skin tones and better than decent sound quality. (Does not that tell you something when you comment positively on factors that should be a given?) Anyway, the whole mood suggested by the plot calls for a springy air of hijinx, horseplay and tantalizing tease. On that front, let’s call it a draw. Reynolds is fresh, aware and into her sex scenes. Her supporting cast often looks like it’s working a bus depot in Tulsa.

Production year: 1988
Country: USA
Genre: Feature
Duration: 1:13:30
Language: English

Directed: Jeff Stallion (Stanley Scott)
Studio: Video Exclusives

Actresses: Kristy Leigh, Lynn LeMay, Fallon (Robin Lee), Tammy Reynolds
Actors: David Sanders, Don Fernando, Ray Victory, Ron Jeremy, Jan Waters, Jon Stallion

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1 Fallon, David Sanders
Scene 2 Kristy Leigh, Tammy Reynolds
Scene 3 Kristy Leigh, Don Fernando
Scene 4 Tammy Reynolds, David Sanders
Scene 5 Kristy Leigh, David Sanders
Scene 6 Lynn LeMay, Don Fernando
Scene 7 Kristy Leigh, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8 Fallon, Ray Victory
Scene 9 Tammy Reynolds, Ron Jeremy

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: XviD

Debbie Does Dallas 5 (1988 / VHSRip)

Debbie Does Dallas 5(1988).avi

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